Episode # 2 – Before

Artist - Kagi Kowa
Artist – Kagi Kowa

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In this episode, we talk about what came before, with some of the historical and political background to this war and hear from some of those who lived through the first civil war that lasted for some sixteen years, from 1956 to 1972, and the subsequent eleven years of peace until the second civil war broke out in 1983.


Episode Notes:

Thank you to Akol Miyen Kuol for permission to use his poem, My love to Sudan is unshakeable, from his collection, The Last Train (a transcript below). And to Ajak Kwai for permission to use songs from her album, Of cows, women and war. We acknowledge Girma Kebede’s 1997 paper, The North-South Conflict in Historical Perspective, as a source for this episode. Click here for full source references.

My love to Sudan is unshakeable – by Akol Miyen Kuol

My love to you,

Is something eternal

It is born with me,

It grows with me,

Nothing can snatch it from me

My love to you,

Is unshakeable

It is something in my blood

Despite this long blood shed

It is never shaken,

The opposite,

It is becoming stronger,

And stronger

It cannot be shaken by a stranger

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