Episode # 3 – The Lost Boys

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Welcome to episode 3 – The Lost Boys. These are children who were forced to flee into the bush without their families and who survived the terrors of wild animals, crocodile-infested rivers, hunger, and endless walking between temporary places of fragile safety. 

Episode Notes

Thank you to WJ de King for permission to use his songs. You can find out more about WJ de King by visiting  https://www.reverbnation.com/wjdeking

We acknowledge Jok Madut Jok and Sharon Hutchison’s 1999 paper, Sudan’s prolonged Second Civil War and the Militarization of Nuer and Dinka Ethnic Identities, as a source for this episode. For further information about the series and full source references, or to contact us, go to www.morningsidesoundproductions.com



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