Episode #1 – Women’s Voices


#1 – Women’s Voices

In this episode, we hear from women forced to run from their homes by violent civil war, often losing husbands, children, other family members. They tell of their desperate flights to find safety, of years spent in refugee camps, of the journeys that brought them to Australia, and of the new lives they are forging here for themselves and their children.




Show Notes

Thank you to Ajak Kwai for permission to use songs from her album, Of cows, women and war. Check out her amazing album at http://www.ajakkwai.com/music/ or on iTunes.

We acknowledge Orly Stern’s 2011 paper, “This is how marriage happens sometimes”. Women and marriage in South Sudan, as a source for this episode.

The artwork for this episode is by Artist Kagi Kowa. You can see more of her work and find out about her inspirational journey from refugee to young Australian businesswoman at www.nubiadesigns.com.au

Finally, you can click here for further information about the series and full source references. And if you haven’t already, please show your support by subscribing to this podcast.

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